Southern Cities Prayer Walk: Baton Rouge and Houston

Calvin attended Bethany Church in New Orleans on Sunday, April 7. There he met the pastor and some intercessors and released the LA Shepherd’s staff. April 12 and 13 there will be a region-wide gathering called One Blood Revival, at Memorial Stadium in Baton Rouge. He found real open heaven in that city and hopes to return one day.
Monday, April 8 Calvin met with an old friend in Opelousas, LA for a time of fellowship and prayer and stayed in Lake Charles that night. Arriving in Houston on Tuesday, he came upon a ministry called Father’s House, a revival center in downtown Houston. He was well received and is invited back on Thursday, April 11 for a time of prayer, worship, and teaching.
Calvin spent 7 hours of prayer in inner-city Houston on Wednesday, April 10. It is an area of affluence, although he found an opportunity to reach out to some homeless there. President Trump spent the day in Houston on Wednesday at the Toyota Center unbeknownst to Calvin!
5 observations from his Southern City Prayer Walk to date:
God’s pleasure- I John 3:22; Jn. 8:29.
God’s favor- Luke 2:52
God’s anointing- Luke 4:18-20; Acts 10:38
God’s timing- Ecc. 3
God’s fire- Luke 3:16; Mal. 3; Heb. 12:28-29
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