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Arkansas and Texas Shepherds staff presented to Kenneth and Gloria Copeland

Staff at Montgomery gathering

Alabama shepherds staff at Montgomery gathering

Worshippers at Montgomery gathering

City wide gathering in Montgomery

Jo Hancock from His Vessel Ministries receiving.a shepherds staff for her ministry.

City wide gathering in Montgomery

Calvin walked this path in Montgomery, AL

Voodoo shops In New Orleans

Parade in downtown New Orleans

Prayer walking along the MS River with my friend David Suh

New Orleans Saints stadium

Welcoming me to New Orleans 😊

I walked in heavy rain one day in New Orleans

Mississippi River barge

Calvin met Corey and Kristie in Baton Rouge

Calvin was given an opportunity to be interviewed at this Christian radio station in Baton Rouge

Affirmation wall at Bethany Church in Baton Rouge

Crazy weather patterns in the Deep South! We had 20 tornado watches while I was Louisiana and Texas

One Blood city wide gathering of believers in Baton Rouge

Reconnecting with my old friend Darren in Opelousas, LA

I had an amazing connection with this church in Houston and enjoyed a time of prayer and worship with the believers there

Texas state flag

I met this fellow believer walking into Houston on April 11

Beautiful church in downtown Houston

Skyline of Houston”

Leaving Houston

There are homeless people in every city

I so enjoyed my time with these precious friends in Fort Worth!

Todd Whites ministry in Fort Worth




Trinity Trails- Chad and I walked here in Fort Worth

high water at Trinity Trail and Park

Fort Worth Stock Yards

Texas Longhorn bulls at stock yards


Authorities checking immigrants at the border

Rain, wind and flooding during my prayer walk to the border

US and Mexican check points

Mario and Fabi Gamas praying over the border shepherds staff

Spanish sign posted on the Gamas refrigerator

A day prayer walking in Dallas

Chad Jennings in Dallas

Fun times with Isabel and Iris in Ft. Worth

Daly Plaza where JFK was shot



Pastor Gamas at border fence in McAllen TX

US-Mexican border

Immigration Office

International Bridge into Mexico

Austin- state capitol of Texas

Texas waffle- how cool!

exas and border staffs with Eileen Vincent and Natalie Hardy

Walking path along the water in downtown San Antonio

San Antonio

Boat cruise along San Antonio River Walk

My new friends in San Antonio

Ministering to my new friend in need of Jesus, food and clothes.

“God supplies all our needs”😊

prayer walking the beach at Corpus

Beautiful beach in Corpus Christi

Church I attended in Corpus Christi

Church in Corpus Christi