Southern Cities Prayer Walk Austin, San Antonio, and Corpus Christi, Texas

Greetings from rainy, wet Texas! Today was the first full day of sunshine since I arrived on May 1. I am currently staying on the beach in Corpus Christi and the area is coming alive this weekend.
I spent 3 days in Austin, followed by 3 days in San Antonio, and now 3 days in Corpus Christi. I have made some great connections in each one of these cities and found great favor.
My last stop of this leg will be in Mcallen at the US/Mexican border for the final 3 days. He will give a full report and update on the State of Texas when he arrives home on May 15.
A special thank you for going out to everyone who has supported us through prayer and finances to make this trip possible. We thank God for your obedience! Look for a newsletter and prophetic word of encouragement coming soon!

Austin- state capitol of Texas

Texas waffle- how cool!

exas and border staffs with Eileen Vincent and Natalie Hardy

prayer walking the beach at Corpus

Beautiful beach in Corpus Christi

Church I attended in Corpus Christi

Church in Corpus Christi

US-Mexican border

Immigration Office

International Bridge into Mexico

Pastor Gamas at border fence in McAllen TX

Authorities checking immigrants at the border

Rain, wind and flooding during my prayer walk to the border

US and Mexican check points

Mario and Fabi Gamas praying over the border shepherds staff

Spanish sign posted on the Gamas refrigerator