SCPW Fort Worth/Dallas update May 1-4

Calvin left Baltimore May 1 for Dallas, and after a challenging flight filled with lightning, rain, hail and plain old bad weather, he finally landed late on Wednesday evening. He once again stayed with friends of ours in Fort Worth, and Thursday he and Chad walked part of the city. They prayed for a stronger connection between Dallas and Philadelphia. They were able to connect with a fellow believer in Philadelphia and they prayed together.

Friday, they drove to Dallas, where they experienced great favor. They walked into the city and covered the downtown area. Again, they reached out by phone to Philadelphia and prayed for open heavens and outpouring.

Calvin and Chad experienced much agreement in prayer during their day of prayer walking. That evening they attended Living Christianity University, led by Todd White. Todd, a gift to the Body of Christ, shared his testimony and encouraged them to share the gospel in practical ways and also with signs and wonders following. At the school students are trained and equipped and they hold a weekly Friday night service that is open to the public,

Calvin feels the state of Texas has is making a definite national impact and it’s easy to find fellow believers there who are hungry for the Lord.

Saturday, he drove to Austin, Texas, where he be will be prayer walking until Tuesday morning.

Thanks for your continuing prayers and support! You are helping make this trip possible. Watch for a newsletter update coming out this month!

Trinity Trails- Chad and I walked here in Fort Worth

high water at Trinity Trail and Park

A day prayer walking in Dallas

Chad Jennings in Dallas

Fort Worth Stock Yards

Fun times with Isabel and Iris in Ft. Worth

Texas Longhorn bulls at stock yards

Daly Plaza where JFK was shot