New Orleans Update By David Suh

I had the privilege to walk and pray with Calvin on April 5. We know each other from In the Light Philadelphia and we just happened to be in New Orleans at the same time. We walked around the French Quarter and noticed many stores selling voodoo paraphernalia. We were told by a “Christian” Uber driver that the majority of people who grew up in New Orleans practice voodoo to some degree! As we were walking near a voodoo store we saw teenagers pouring into the place by the dozens. We decided to pray near the entrance and after that, the teens walked by rather than into the store.
Sadly, I discovered that New Orleans was the first city in our country to bring slaves from Africa. In 1718 it began the horrible practice of slavery as a colony of France, then later under the Spanish and later under American rule. I prayed in identification repentance for our nation’s past sins. Interestingly, this is the only major city that sells alcohol 24 hours a day. The foundation of this city was based on profiting from evil. While praying for the city, God showed me that unlike Jesus who was upset about people profiting from His Father in the temple, the devil wants people to profit off of evil through the spirit of fear and greed. Every other faith other than true faith in Christ, especially those that involve witchcraft, uses fear to keep people in bondage.
When we came to the Mississippi River, I realized the river flows from the north to the south and divides our country, east to west. I placed my hands into the water connecting the east coast to the west coast. I believe God is saying there needs to be free-flowing Holy Spirit connection between the east and the west.