JUNE UPDATE ~ Texas and Arizona

I finished my prayer walking in Texas by visiting the following border cities: McAllen, Laredo, Eagle Pass, Del Rio, and El Paso. Many days and hours were given to prayer, praise and worship in these cities. Because these cities were near the border, my heart was more in tune to God’s heart for our border situation and I was led to pray in very specific ways. I actually prayer walked across the bridge in El Paso into the Mexico. Only a few people were walking into Mexico, but many people and vehicles were coming back into the US at the border crossing. Since most of my prayers are in the Spirit, I don’t always know what I am praying for, but I usually have a strong sense in my heart of what is on God’s heart when I’m in a specific area. I finished this leg of the walk with 4 days in Tucson, and 2 days in Phoenix, Arizona.

I sensed the following many times in my prayer times-the Lord is powerful, merciful, pure and holy. Fear, fire, faith, family and friends of God. This walk was so enjoyable that even the heat seemed to energize me. The highest temperature reading while in Arizona was 114 degrees!

Jesus, Father God and Holy Spirit were always and, in all ways, so real to me that I knew by God’s grace that God himself was praying through me His plan, purpose and heart for that region.

This walk was filled with expectations for godly connection in every city I went to. I don’t know how, but in every place I visited, I was blessed with either a commissioning or a sending prayer for the city or me personally. This month I stopped more often to talk with the homeless people and even was led to ask them direct questions about their lives. Some were greatly touched by God’s love through me. Praise our Lord!

Some churches I attended are so powerful and the praise and worship plus the anointed preaching was awesome. It is amazing to me how pastors, leaders and local believers receive me and my ministry so readily.

Again, my commission is to continue to pray that the heavens would remain open and the final harvest would be great. Our nations needs a strong move of God and it needs you and me and the remnant to seek and obey the Lord of the harvest like never before. Remember, it is God working through you and I so yield to His mercy and grace and bring Him much joy and pleasure as you love, worship, pray and obey Him. He is worthy! Amen!