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June 9th-18th
Written by Tom Miller
Calvin and Don Lamb traveled together to New York City the morning of Wednesday, June 8 and attended a monthly pastors and church leader’s conference hosted by Times Square Church located in Manhattan.  This gathering of pastors and church leaders has been hosted by Times Square Church for about 10 years.  From there Don returned home with his brother, and Calvin met Ed Bankole at Ed’s office at Barclays Financial Group.  Ed, a fellow believer from Nigeria and his wife, originally from Dominica, opened their home to Calvin to stay overnight while Calvin prayer walked through New York City.  Ed and his wife attend Times Square Church. Wednesday and Thursday Calvin prayer walked through Manhattan – north, south, east and west; nearly 350 city blocks.  Calvin’s prayer walk took him to the new world tower at the 911 memorial site, City Park, Trump Tower, United Nations, Times Square and Times Square District, the Federal Reserve, Wall Street Stock Exchange area and the Empire State Building.  Calvin prophesied and prayed for the nations at the United Nations Building, especially on Saturday.  Key verses that highlight the New York City prayer walk include: Romans 8:26-39, Hebrews 12:26-29, Revelation 2:26-29 (United Nations), Isaiah 40:15, Revelation 5:9-10 and Revelation 7:9.
Calvin prayer walked parts of Newark, New Jersey Sunday morning and then met the writer (Tom Miller) at the AMTRAK train station at Newark Penn Station.  From Newark we prayed as we drove south towards the Atlantic coastline.  We arrived at Ocean Grove, New Jersey and discovered the gates of the city are dedicated to the Lord with the Scriptures imbedded on brass plates admonishing all who enter to “Enter His gates with thanksgiving and into His courts with praise!”  We both determined to obey this admonition and continued to pray in the Spirit and to worship the Lord.  We drove to the beach head where we parked and witnessed the United States flag flying high in the sky next to the Christian flag.  From there we prayer walked northward along the boardwalk.  We witnessed to a young Asian college student and prayed for a believer whose name is Orlando.  Orlando had a broken left arm and we prayed for healing for him and his friend.  Calvin felt the Lord was doing a miracle of healing in Orlando’s arm.  Earlier that day, at 2 a.m. in Orlando, Florida, our nation experienced what some were calling the worst terrorist shooting in the history of the USA.  The left arm of our nation is definitely broken and probably the right arm as well.  We prayed for a miracle for our nation and Orlando, Florida. 
As we left the Christian community of Ocean Grove and entered Ashbury Park we felt the atmosphere change from light to darkness.  Even though Ashbury Park is likely named for a godly Christian preacher, there seems to be 2 kingdoms in conflict there.  We entered a building where we found a keyboard and the writer tried unsuccessfully to play the tune Jesus Loves Me.  Later, when we returned to the same location, the keyboard was manned by a skillful musician who agreed to play Jesus Loves Me for a small donation as Calvin and the writer sang and proclaimed the love of God in His Son Jesus Christ.  We also met a woman by the name of Gloria, a believer who was born in Jamaica, whom Calvin ministered to and prayed with. 
Monday morning we drove through the gates of Ocean Grove once more determined to take the spirit of the emblem on the gates with us throughout the prayer walk.  We prayer walked to the site of the Ocean Grove camp meeting where there are several beautiful buildings dedicated to the worship, praise, thanksgiving and proclamation of the gospel.  We met 2 men there that confirmed that Ocean Grove was built around the Methodist Camp Meeting.  One of the men told us he attended Franklin and Marshall College in Lancaster, PA.  The Word of the Lord came to Calvin there at the camp meeting grounds– “believe”.  All of life is determined by what a person believes in his heart.  John 3:16-18 came to the writer’s mind also.  From there we began the day’s coastline prayer walk southward into Bradley Beach where we testified of our faith in Jesus Son of God, Almighty God, The Great I AM, Jehovah, to several so called Jehovah Witnesses. leaving them with the love of God and our prayers for their souls.  It is a joy to be Jehovah’s witness to JWs!  Prayer walking and continually praying in the Spirit we traveled through Bradley Beach, Avon at the Sea, Belmar and Atlantic coastline communities in northern New, Jersey.   
At Avon at the Sea, a Word from the Lord came to Calvin and he and the writer knelt at the beach and Calvin picked up sand in his hand and prophesied scriptures from 1 Peter 4:17 that says, “judgment must begin in the house of God…”.  Prayers focused on calling out to the Lord for repentance for the Church of Jesus Christ, humility and restoring the spiritual Christian foundations of our nation and unity for the Church per Jesus’ prayer recorded in John 17.
Calvin completed the Monday prayer walk at Normandy Beach which covered approximately 18 miles.  Open heaven and much spiritual receptivity was noticed by Calvin and the writer.  We met Vivian, the worker at Subway who is a believer.  Calvin ministered to and encouraged her in the Lord while she was preparing our salads.  The name “Vivian” means “alive”..
On Tuesday, June 14, which was Flag Day, Calvin and the writer discovered that the motel manager, Sundeep, is a believer.  He received Jesus Christ into his life about 15 years ago.  He was born and raised in India near Mumbai as a Hindu.  His parents and generations of grandparents were Hindu.  So, for him to break free of this is amazing and remarkable.  Calvin and the writer prayed for household salvation for his family and ministered to him with words of encouragement before we departed.  Calvin invited him and his family to stay in their home if they ever visit Lancaster County.
Isaiah 40 is the chapter Calvin received for this portion of the prayer walk. Other verses that helped us focus the prayer walk today include Revelation- judgment against sin and Romans 5:9 and I Thessalonians 5:9- God has not appointed His children to wrath.
We drove to Atlantic City and walked much of the Boardwalk.  The Lord gave Calvin a 4-fold theme for the Atlantic City prayer walk focus: Serve, Bless, Pray and Obey.  We knelt down in the sand north of the city and prayed for the city and the nation.  The writer discovered a few days later that the father of Atlantic City was a physician whose vision for the site was a retreat for healing.  He appreciated the healing properties of the ocean salt water and the air. 
As we walked and prayed in the Spirit we were blessed to meet Fanny, a Spirit-filled African American sister in the Lord who sings her heart out and ministers salvation and healing to whosoever wills- right there in the middle of the Atlantic City boardwalk.  What a witness! What a light!
As we returned on the Atlantic City boardwalk prayer walk we met a young man named Sean.  We felt to share Jesus with him and he received the Lord and Calvin ministered encouraging and challenging words to him.  We also had a prayer and praise time with Fanny and Rodney, another believer in Jesus.
Later in the day on another part of the Atlantic City Boardwalk we met and walked with a couple from New England, John and Patty.  They are Catholic Christians and were inspired through learning about the East Coast City Prayer walk.
We later drove to Ocean City, New Jersey where we observed and enjoyed the Christian atmosphere of the resort town.  This is where Calvin completed his prayer walk to the Atlantic Ocean in October, 2013 and where he gathered a fist full of Atlantic Ocean sand.  This was in preparation for the 2014 National Crosswalk.  Scriptures that Calvin received for this portion of the prayer walk include Psalms 118-   “Better to put your trust in the Lord than to trust in man…” and New Jersey highway 656 that goes through Ocean City reminded Calvin of Mark 6:56. ”
Wednesday, June 15, 2016 – We drove to Portland Avenue, Ventnor City which adjoins Atlantic City on the south side.  Ventnor City was established on March 17, (Saint Patrick Day) 1903 and the motto of the city printed on the city banner is “honor and justice”.   From here we completed the Atlantic City Boardwalk prayer walk and knelt down at the south side of the board walk and cried out to the Lord for revival for the church and restoration of the Christian foundations established by the Christian forefathers. 
Thursday, June 16, 2016 – We drove in the rain to Cape May, New Jersey where we took a ferry across the Delaware Bay.  On board we met the Beiler family from Kinzers, Lancaster County, PA.  They are an Amish family on a few days family reunion vacation.  There was nearly 40, counting men, wives and children.  On the Delaware side we drove to Rehoboth Beach which was established as a Methodist camp meeting in the late 1800’s.  
As we prayed to start the Friday, June 17, 2016 Rehoboth Beach prayer walk, Calvin mentioned that Genesis 26:22 is a reference for Rehoboth where Isaac named the well he dug Rehoboth, stating that “the Lord has made room for us.”  Calvin prayer walked several miles along the Coastal Highway to the Rehoboth Beach boardwalk.  Later Calvin prayer walked parts of Wilmington, DE.
Calvin plans to join a group of other intercessors for a prayer walk through Newark, DE on Saturday, June 18, 2016.
Summary from the writer’s perspective: 
  • Appreciation for The Ministry Center – Calvin and Stephanie Greiner and the ministry of intercession.
  • There is hope for America – if the church repents and allows the Holy Spirit to work in our lives.
  • The Lord has His people in every city.
  • The theme of the Lord’s burning and purifying fire (similar to what Moses saw in the burning bush that was not consumed).
  • Scriptures about the Lord’s fire include a purifying fire and a fire of His love and judgment.
  • Thankfulness for the Christian foundations laid and established on American soil.
  • The focus of this prayer walk is to intercede for those foundations to be restored – similar to Nehemiah’s and Ezra’s work rebuilding the walls of Jerusalem. 

Summary for June 17-18th
Written by Calvin

After dropping Tom off at Newark AMTRAK Station I drove to Wilmington, DE and spent time praying and sharing with my good friends, Mike and Lisa Neifert and their family.  Saturday morning I connected with a team of prayer walkers in Newark, DE.  This is a yearly event which focuses on praying “on sight with insight.”
Friday night I worshipped and prayed with a ministry in Wilmington called DE HOP which is a regional House of Prayer in Delaware.
I believe God is sending a Burning Fire to this nation that will cleanse, purify, sanctify, refine God’s people and bring healing and deliverance from sin and the works of Satan and darkness.  We thank God for your continuing love and support.  
Please remember to keep our family in prayer as we celebrate the marriage of our son, Alan, to Dani Forry on July 2!  Calvin will then leave July 6 to prayer walk the coast of Virginia through July 15.  We would love to hear from you—have a blessed summer!