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Southern City Prayer Walk, February 2019

We were greeted with sun-filled blue skies as day 2 of The southern cities prayer walk began. Calvin rose early and prayer walked the CBN – Regent University campus in Virginia Beach. We spent our morning with Joel Palser, chaplain and VP of ministry relations at CBN. Calvin first met Joel in 2016 during his east coast prayer walk. Since it was a Saturday, the studios and offices were dark, but we were given a VIP tour of the CBN studios and campus. As we walked through the quiet hallways, we were struck by the amazing international impact this ministry has had over the past 50+ years. Regent University enrolls over 11,000 students and CBN reaches dozens of countries around the world with the gospel. Calvin presented a Virginia shepherds staff to Pat Robertson and staff to CBN in 2016. In the afternoon we visited New Life Church, where they were holding a six-hour prayer summit. There we prayed for a dear friend of ours who authored a book about William Penn. Presently our friend is experiencing some major health challenges. We couldn’t leave the area without walking Virginia Beach, where the bright afternoon sun overshadowed the cold sea air. We ended the day with a visit to the Cape Henry Lighthouse, which lies within Fort Story Military Installation. There we found Saint Teresa’s Chapel which was built for the civilians who remained living in the area after the base was set up in 1916. It remained in operation until after World War II. Calvin had the opportunity to pray with a friend who pastors a church in the area here and was encouraged by a text he received from a friend, sharing 2 Corinthians 12, where Paul exhorts us that God‘s strength is made perfect in our weakness. Whatever you are facing today, however weak and ill-equipped you may feel, know that God is lifting you up and bearing you up with his strength! Onward and upward…

Cape Henry Lighthouse still in operation today

Beach Time


We so enjoyed our time with Joel Palser, chaplain and VP or Ministry Relations at CBN. He gave us a wonderful behind the scenes tour of CBN

CBN prayer Room

St Teresa’s Chapel at Fort Story Military Base.

New Life Church Prayer Summit

The set where Pat Robertson interviews his guests on The 700 Club

Carbondale-Scranton Regional Prayer Walk, May 2017

Ten years ago, Calvin did a prayer walk from Philadelphia to Allentown and then continued to Hazelton, Wilkes Barre, Scranton, Carbondale and finally to the New York State line. His connection at that time was with the late Lamar and Nancy Esbenshade at God’s Mountain in Waymont, in the Carbondale area. James Perron, a friend from Hamburg, PA, was with him on part of this walk, which was very fruitful.

Calvin will be traveling back to this region to prayer walk and connect with pastors, mayors, and leaders from May 22-25, 2017. The calling and vision from the Lord is to serve and build, together with the local leaders, God’s house and the Kingdom of God in the region. Your prayers and support are much appreciated! Stay tuned for an update and pictures!

Philadelphia and Pittsburgh, November 2016

Last month I felt God was leading me to strengthen the connections from Philadelphia to Pittsburgh, PA. Jesus led me to go to Philadelphia and spend several days praying and receiving His blessings for the city of Pittsburgh.
On December 1, I drove to Pittsburgh with two shepherd’s staffs and letters of blessing and presented them to the church in the Pittsburgh region. Through this act of obedience, I believe the Lord will continue to release great grace for the Keystone State from the East to the West.
May God grant you and yours a blessed Christmas season as we celebrate the gift of our Lord Jesus, come to Earth as a baby, crucified, died and now reigning as our resurrected King!
We would love to hear from you as we enter into the new year – 2017! May His Kingdom come His will be done, on Earth as it is in Heaven!
– Calvin