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Southern City Prayer Walk: Birmingham, AL

Birmingham, AL
After a day of torrential downpours and tornadoes in neighboring counties, Calvin and I ended the day and a half of prayer for this city by watching the feature film, “Selma”. The history of racial violence and segregation colors the city here although it is difficult to imagine the deep prejudices being played out in the ’50s and ’60s as you drive through the streets that are now peppered with fast food restaurants and nail spas.
Calvin spent the morning worshipping with the believers at the 16th Street Baptist Church, site of the KKK bombing in 1963 that killed 4 precious black girls who were preparing for youth Sunday that fateful September morning. A beautiful memorial stands inside and outside the famous church where great civil rights leaders met during those tumultuous years. This infamous bombing was just one of over 80 bombings that had taken place that year in black homes, churches, and businesses, but the first one to claim innocent lives. Several local demonstrations followed this senseless murder but were met with police violence against the protesters, including the use of high-pressure fire hoses and dogs. The bombings were intended to discourage the work of desegregation, but subsequently had the opposite effect- it brought the struggle for civil rights to the national stage and helped usher in the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and the Voting Rights Act of 1965.
How do we process these grave injustices, committed just 50 years ago, and what is our part in the struggle for justice, free speech and truth in this season? As Calvin sat amongst the 200 African American fellow believers at church this morning, he recognized that each one was a beautiful child of God whose destination, like ours, is heaven. Each one is loved and chosen of God and is not any less cherished because of the color of their skin. Our allegiance to our Lord, the building of His kingdom and each other must be our cause- first and foremost, regardless of background, socioeconomic background or political affiliation.
As we begin a new journey of prayer at our next destination- Montgomery, AL, we think about the thousands of protesters of many ethnicities and faith persuasions who in 1964 walked 5 days in the elements and hot sun to stand up for their right to vote (it had already been enacted as law on a federal level, but the local courts refused to comply). They walked side by side, mile after mile to stand for truth, regardless of the outcome. (Just weeks before a group of 500 protesters had been beaten and tear gassed when they attempted to peaceably protest as they walked to the Montgomery Courthouse). We ask ourselves, are we prepared to face such persecution and danger to defend our fellow brothers and sisters? Lord give us courage as we walk onward into an unknown future known only by our faithful Heavenly Father and may He grant each of a holy boldness to speak the truth to a generation ripe for the harvest…

Banner depicting the civil rights.

The Birmingham Civil Rights Institute.

16th Street Baptist Church where the 1963 bombing took place.

Commemorative plaque for the 4 girls who were killed at the 16th Street Baptist Church.

Summary Southern City Pray Walk: leg One

On February 1, my wife and I began the first leg of the Southern Cities Prayer Walk. We started our journey at CBN/Regent University in Virginia Beach, VA. Joel Palser, the Chaplain at CBN, gave us a backstage tour of the studios and we were so blessed by the international impact this ministry has in our world. We were sent off to our next destination feeling encouraged and prepared for the rest of the walk.
Charlotte, NC was our next stop- a growing, busy city where Calvin spent the next 2 days winding his way through the bustling streets. We visited Morning Star in Fort Mills, SC where Calvin presented the South Carolina Shepherd’s staff to some of the staff on campus.
On our way to Asheville, NC we stopped at Moravian Falls where we met with a dear sister who has served the Lord for many years. Next stop, Asheville, where we stayed with some dear friends for 2 days. Calvin enjoyed walking this mountain town and Steph spent some time exploring downtown Asheville with her long-time friend. We finished up our visit with a trip to a famous Hot Springs just north of the city.
After a short stop at Perry Stone’s ministry in Cleveland, TN, where Calvin presented a TN Shepherd’s staff and visiting Red Clay State Park, a Trail of Tears site, we arrived in the blossoming city of Chattanooga, TN. Here Calvin had 2 amazing days of prayer, declarations, and connections, ending with a trip to the top of Lookout Mountain where we could see 6 states!
Nashville, TN was our last February stop. We discovered a city in dire need of a revelation of God’s heart, although Calvin was encouraged as he spent 3 days walking the city streets, meeting the homeless and crying out for a revival in this “Music City”.
Jesus proved Himself faithful and confirmed this part of the Southern Cities Prayer Walk with souls saved, believers being encouraged, and the homeless knowing that God loves them and so do we. He showed us His love for the homeless and fatherless- James 1:27.
Is. 60 seems to describe and reveal what season we are in. Calvin believes that praise, worship, thanksgiving, intercession, declarations and powerful prayers are making a huge difference in these cities. May God give us laborers and obedient worshippers and workers in these last days! (Mt. 9:35-38).
Each day Calvin sought God’s will and heart for the people of these cities. He tried to be obedient to the direction of the Lord and was thankful for the opportunity to prayer walk in each of these cities over the 2 weeks we were gone. Please stand with us and believe that God will water the seeds that were planted.
We will leave March 1 and begin the second leg of this prayer walk in Mobile, AL after a short stay with some dear friends in Atlanta, GA. Thank you so much for being part of our journey!
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Blessings to you as you continue to serve the Lord!
Calvin and Stephanie Greiner

Southern City Prayer Walk

“ On February 6 we traveled to prayer mountain in Moravian Falls. There we visited with a writer and intercessor and had a wonderful time of fellowship that afternoon. Later that day we arrived in Asheville, which is nestled amongst the Great Smoky Mountains. Known for its healing mountain air and Hot Springs it has been a draw to millions over the past century. We stayed with our good friends the Kendall‘s whose home has a spectacular view of the distant peaks. Calvin prayer walked the city on Wednesday and Thursday and met some believers at Leicester flooring store. Thursday morning he enjoyed a time of prayer and Bible study with several believers there. The main theme for the Asheville prayer walk was Revelation 22:17, “ and the spirit and the bride say come. And let him that hears say come. And let him who thirsts come. And whosoever will let him take the water of life freely.” Wednesday morning Calvin had a sense that he would lead someone to the Lord in Asheville and sure enough it came to pass Thursday morning. He prayed with Nicholas, who made Jesus Lord of his life. PTL! Calvin had great freedom in intercession in that city and the people he talked to were welcoming and friendly. The thermometer hit 82° which felt like summer to us after the frigid temperatures back home. We really enjoyed our time in this artsy city and finished our time there with a trip to a hot spring north of the city. Just what Calvin needed after eight hours of intercessory prayer in the heat! As always thank you for your love and support we could not do this without you…”

Prayer Mountain in Moravian Falls, NC

Prayer Mountain in Moravian Falls, NC

We fell in love with these majestic mountains😊

What? 82 degrees in February? Almost a record for Feb 7!

Vanyanna and I enjoyed hours of catching up and walking the city together❤️

Our dear friends showed us such love and hospitality

Calvin and I got our “dog fix” as we enjoyed Roni and Zoe’s company❤️

Southern City Prayer Walk

On our drive from Asheville to Chattanooga, we stopped in Cleveland, Tennessee at OMI ( Perry Stone‘s ministry ), which has a huge influence on the youth in the area. Perry preaches internationally and we enjoy receiving from his teaching ministry on TV each week. We presented the ministry with the Tennessee shepherds staff, which was graciously received from three women employees – Mandy, Kate, and Ashley.
They suggested that we visit Red Clay State Park which marks the site of displaced native Americans during the tragic era of the “Trail of Tears.”There we saw the re-created sites where these courageous people were forced off their homeland in 1837 and forced to march to their new distant home in Oklahoma. Over a quarter of them perished on the forced march -truly a sad chapter of our nation’s history.
Chattanooga turned out to be a quaint river town, which seems to be up and coming. Old buildings are being refurbished and the famous Chattanooga hotel and train still draw many visitors each year.
Calvin enjoyed his one long day of prayer walking in this small southern Tennessee city where he learned there are no abortion clinics. He prayed Ephesians 1, Ephesians 3 and Colossians 1. He walked along the Tennessee River and around the University of Tennessee, Chattanooga campus. He met Joseph, a man who had just gotten out of jail. This young man wanted to turn his life around and Calvin prayed with him. The man’s name, Joseph, means God will add. In the same way, Calvin felt God was saying he will add more grace to both Joseph as well as himself. God showed Calvin that the government of God will continue to destroy the works of the enemy on the earth.
We ended our day by traveling up Lookout Mt on an incline railway. Spread out before us at the top we could see six states! What a view! May the Lord continue to give us his eyes to see the needs around us and may you have his vision for your life and ministry.

Calvin and I presenting the TN shepherds staff to OMI in Cleveland TN

The view from Lookout Mt in Chattanooga

Yikes that’s a long way down!!

Government building in Chattanooga

The famous Chattanooga Hotel

Southern City Prayer Walk, February 5

“Our time here in Charlotte has flown by and we are amazed at how much we were able to fit into 2 1/2 days. The city traffic is fierce here in the second largest financial hub in the US. It dwarfs our Lancaster County traffic and it has been a challenge navigating through the maze of highways. We arrived on Sunday and Calvin was able to walk into Center City from our hotel. Monday he completed a 15-mile prayer walk from east to west, crossing through Center City and passing by the Carolina Panthers stadium. Our day ended in Fort Mills South Carolina where Calvin was able to present the South Carolina shepherds staff to Morning Star, Rick Joyner’s international ministry. We prayed with some dear brothers and sisters, Including David Yarnes, a friend of Calvin’s who is a VP there. Calvin has been holding onto the South Carolina staff since our east coast walk in 2016 and it has finally found its home. Morning Star Ministries is an international organization whose mandate is to equip the saints and help people find their destiny through their churches and equipping conferences. Calvin began Tuesday morning northeast of the city and walked south, ending at Wood lawn Road. He met and prayed with a young man, June, and was blessed to make a new friend here in Charlotte. We spent a few hours at the Billy Graham Library where we were challenged and inspired. Charlotte, a blossoming metropolitan area with lots of new construction, was our home for three days but tomorrow we are off to visit Anna Rountree in Moravian Falls and then on to Asheville. Some of the primary scriptures Calvin prayed while prayer walking the city of Charlotte are: Ps 2, 110, 107, 27; Acts 2, 4; Mt 3:10,11; Mt 15:13; Rom 8:31-39; Mt 7:11; Lk 11:13; Rom 5:20-21. Thank you all for your love and support. Please continue to agree with in prayer for God to do great things through this prayer walk. Know that we are praying for all of you 😊Onward and upward…”

The city of Charlotte, NC

Morning Star Ministries in Fort Mill, SC

Presenting the South Carolina Shepherds Staff at Morning Star

South Carolina staff

Praying over the Nashville TN staff to be released next week

The beautiful Billy Graham Library