Southern City Prayer: Jackson, MS

Jackson, MS, known as the “City of Soul”, is also the capital of the State of Mississippi. This was my first time in the state but for Calvin, it was a homecoming. 42 years ago, he gave 6 months of his life serving in Brethren Volunteer Service, helping to build low-income houses in a depressed part of Indianola, which lies 2 hours north of Jackson. As the prayer walked through many deserted streets of the city, it reminded him of his time in MS many years before. There is a definite Christian presence there with no shortage of churches in the city and the surrounding suburbs. Calvin was blessed to meet and pray with several people on the streets and at their homes. The is a definite sense of poverty and oppression in the city but the Lord encouraged Calvin through James 2:1-7, 15-17; Ex. 34:6-7; and I Thess. 5:1-9.
We were given the name of a church in Brandon, MS just east of the city. We had a wonderful time of fellowship with the believers there on Sunday morning and released the Mississippi shepherd’s staff to Pastor David Hertel, senior pastor of Hope Fellowship Church. The church networks with other Apostolic and prophetic churches across the country and received the staff wholeheartedly.
Our next stop holds a special place in Calvin’s heart… Indianola, MS!

We are in Jackson, MS- city of soul!

City Hall that was used for a hospital during the Civil War

Jackson City Hall

Calvin standing in front of the State Capitol Building

Graffiti art on a wall in the depressed section of Jackson- let’s agree together with this proclamation!

Mississippi Freedom Trail marker

The 10 Commandments displayed along State Street

One of the more than 25 churches in and around the city of Jackson

Hope Fellowship Church – we attended this church on Sunday morning

Presenting the Mississippi Shepherds staff to Hope Fellowship Church and Pastor David

We were blessed and refreshed as we worshipped with our brothers and sisters in Brandon, MS