Southern Cities Prayer Walk April 7-14 Baton Rouge, Houston and Dallas

Calvin fellowshipped with Bethany Church in Baton Rouge and presented them with the Louisiana Shepherd’s staff. He met some intercessors who also prayer walk, and they had a wonderful time of fellowship.
Monday, April 8, he drove to Opelousas and met an old friend, whom he had not seen in 43 years. After a short stay in Lake Charles, he headed to Houston, TX. He began to walk the city, and within 2 hours he found himself in a worship service at Father’s House- also called Houston Revival Center. He prayer walked the city 2 days and was there the same day our President was there!
Friday, April 12 he drove to the Dallas/Fort Worth area, maneuvering the 10 lane highways. He stayed with some dear friends in Fort Worth and enjoyed his time with their growing family. He prayer walked the city over the weekend, and after his flight was canceled on Sunday, he flew home Monday, April 15.
Walking in some of these large cities was daunting, but in every city, God gave me divine connections with other believers which were a huge encouragement for them as well as myself.
He had brought along an Arkansas shepherd’s staff not knowing how it would get to this state since he had no plans to prayer walk there. Since a friend who works with Kenneth Copeland Ministries, the staff was released to them to keep in their prayer cabin in Arkansas. A Texas shepherd’s staff was released to their executive offices in Fort Worth.
In Montgomery, AL and Baton Rouge, LA there were city-wide gatherings where hundreds of believers gathered to pray and worship and sought the Lord for their region.
Thank you for your personal interest and support as we continue this cross-country journey. Your love means so much. We would love to hear from you!