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May 4th-15th
Written by Don Lamb
We came up to New Hampshire and connected with Gary and Bonnie Reiff. It was an awesome connection blessing them and praying over them for the Lord to empower their ministry. Calvin released the New Hampshire staff for them to steward as a representation of the heart of God to spiritually shepherd New Hampshire. We then drove on to Massachusetts and stayed in Portsmouth for the night, then traveled down to the Salem area on Thursday morning.
Calvin prayer walked much of Saugus and Lynn, Massachusetts from Thursday mid-morning to afternoon. We then had the joy of joining together with other saints at the Saugus Vineyard Church for the National Day of Prayer. We met some precious saints and enjoyed the unity of faith–praying for and repenting of the great sins of America and her leaders and people. It was a group of about 30-40 and very much the same spirit many carry all across America.
Friday, May 6th we came to Salem and prayer walked together. There was such a burden for the deception and the marketing of darkness over Salem. We believe this is due to the misguided and wrongly applied means of the church in 1691-1692 that left the community in hysteria and divided by a church that operated in fear instead of love. Most Americans don’t realize that the church repented of its wrongs within five years of the trials. They knew they had gotten it wrong. But again, the enemy and the world have a way of never allowing the church to forget its terrible misguided sins. Consequently, Salem has become a dark place of remembrance and a place of Satan’s deception and destructive vices.
“Lord we are grieved when the Church fails and the enemy takes that failure and leverages it to the glory of his darkness. So we are grieved over the sins that were committed in Salem, Massachusetts. But even more so, we repent of how the enemy and the world have taken a failure and turned it into the worshipping of darkness. We’re asking You to break that cycle and show Yourself strong in Salem, Massachusetts and in America. Amen.”
On Friday afternoon Calvin and I prayer walked Cambridge, Massachusetts. There was a deep spirit of prayer for all of the schools and research firms that populate Cambridge. “Lord invade our schools of higher education that have abandoned God for the idolatry of man’s wisdom.”
On Saturday, May 7th Calvin and I prayer walked downtown Boston. Calvin felt a special burden for the Governor of Massachusetts and the mayor of Boston. It was a strong day of intercession coupled with divine appointments to reach out to the needy all around.
One quick note about Boston’s previous spiritual outpourings: though Boston is a very intellectual and progressive city, it has had some tremendous moves of grace. In 1740, George Whitefield had gatherings on the Boston Common that reached 23,000 people when Boston was a city of 17,000. He was only 26 years-old when he preached to these crowds. Once again, in 1841 and 1842, there was another move of the Holy Spirit when 4,000 people were added to the church. The one leading pastor reported. “You could scarcely meet a man in the market or on the street whose countenance did not indicate seriousness and whose language was not subdued. The Spirit of God was poured out on the whole city, and all the people seemed to be affected by power of God’s presence.”
We are attending an Assembly of God church on Mother’s day – so we bless and anoint all our mothers with blessing today. God lift up your people with great humility and confidence in Your mighty hand.