JUNE UPDATE ~ Texas and Arizona

I finished my prayer walking in Texas by visiting the following border cities: McAllen, Laredo, Eagle Pass, Del Rio, and El Paso. Many days and hours were given to prayer, praise and worship in these cities. Because these cities were near the border, my heart was more in tune to God’s heart for our border situation and I was led to pray in very specific ways. I actually prayer walked across the bridge in El Paso into the Mexico. Only a few people were walking into Mexico, but many people and vehicles were coming back into the US at the border crossing. Since most of my prayers are in the Spirit, I don’t always know what I am praying for, but I usually have a strong sense in my heart of what is on God’s heart when I’m in a specific area. I finished this leg of the walk with 4 days in Tucson, and 2 days in Phoenix, Arizona.

I sensed the following many times in my prayer times-the Lord is powerful, merciful, pure and holy. Fear, fire, faith, family and friends of God. This walk was so enjoyable that even the heat seemed to energize me. The highest temperature reading while in Arizona was 114 degrees!

Jesus, Father God and Holy Spirit were always and, in all ways, so real to me that I knew by God’s grace that God himself was praying through me His plan, purpose and heart for that region.

This walk was filled with expectations for godly connection in every city I went to. I don’t know how, but in every place I visited, I was blessed with either a commissioning or a sending prayer for the city or me personally. This month I stopped more often to talk with the homeless people and even was led to ask them direct questions about their lives. Some were greatly touched by God’s love through me. Praise our Lord!

Some churches I attended are so powerful and the praise and worship plus the anointed preaching was awesome. It is amazing to me how pastors, leaders and local believers receive me and my ministry so readily.

Again, my commission is to continue to pray that the heavens would remain open and the final harvest would be great. Our nations needs a strong move of God and it needs you and me and the remnant to seek and obey the Lord of the harvest like never before. Remember, it is God working through you and I so yield to His mercy and grace and bring Him much joy and pleasure as you love, worship, pray and obey Him. He is worthy! Amen!

Southern Cities Prayer Walk Austin, San Antonio, and Corpus Christi, Texas

Greetings from rainy, wet Texas! Today was the first full day of sunshine since I arrived on May 1. I am currently staying on the beach in Corpus Christi and the area is coming alive this weekend.
I spent 3 days in Austin, followed by 3 days in San Antonio, and now 3 days in Corpus Christi. I have made some great connections in each one of these cities and found great favor.
My last stop of this leg will be in Mcallen at the US/Mexican border for the final 3 days. He will give a full report and update on the State of Texas when he arrives home on May 15.
A special thank you for going out to everyone who has supported us through prayer and finances to make this trip possible. We thank God for your obedience! Look for a newsletter and prophetic word of encouragement coming soon!

Austin- state capitol of Texas

Texas waffle- how cool!

exas and border staffs with Eileen Vincent and Natalie Hardy

prayer walking the beach at Corpus

Beautiful beach in Corpus Christi

Church I attended in Corpus Christi

Church in Corpus Christi

US-Mexican border

Immigration Office

International Bridge into Mexico

Pastor Gamas at border fence in McAllen TX

Authorities checking immigrants at the border

Rain, wind and flooding during my prayer walk to the border

US and Mexican check points

Mario and Fabi Gamas praying over the border shepherds staff

Spanish sign posted on the Gamas refrigerator

SCPW Fort Worth/Dallas update May 1-4

Calvin left Baltimore May 1 for Dallas, and after a challenging flight filled with lightning, rain, hail and plain old bad weather, he finally landed late on Wednesday evening. He once again stayed with friends of ours in Fort Worth, and Thursday he and Chad walked part of the city. They prayed for a stronger connection between Dallas and Philadelphia. They were able to connect with a fellow believer in Philadelphia and they prayed together.

Friday, they drove to Dallas, where they experienced great favor. They walked into the city and covered the downtown area. Again, they reached out by phone to Philadelphia and prayed for open heavens and outpouring.

Calvin and Chad experienced much agreement in prayer during their day of prayer walking. That evening they attended Living Christianity University, led by Todd White. Todd, a gift to the Body of Christ, shared his testimony and encouraged them to share the gospel in practical ways and also with signs and wonders following. At the school students are trained and equipped and they hold a weekly Friday night service that is open to the public,

Calvin feels the state of Texas has is making a definite national impact and it’s easy to find fellow believers there who are hungry for the Lord.

Saturday, he drove to Austin, Texas, where he be will be prayer walking until Tuesday morning.

Thanks for your continuing prayers and support! You are helping make this trip possible. Watch for a newsletter update coming out this month!

Trinity Trails- Chad and I walked here in Fort Worth

high water at Trinity Trail and Park

A day prayer walking in Dallas

Chad Jennings in Dallas

Fort Worth Stock Yards

Fun times with Isabel and Iris in Ft. Worth

Texas Longhorn bulls at stock yards

Daly Plaza where JFK was shot

New Orleans Update By David Suh

I had the privilege to walk and pray with Calvin on April 5. We know each other from In the Light Philadelphia and we just happened to be in New Orleans at the same time. We walked around the French Quarter and noticed many stores selling voodoo paraphernalia. We were told by a “Christian” Uber driver that the majority of people who grew up in New Orleans practice voodoo to some degree! As we were walking near a voodoo store we saw teenagers pouring into the place by the dozens. We decided to pray near the entrance and after that, the teens walked by rather than into the store.
Sadly, I discovered that New Orleans was the first city in our country to bring slaves from Africa. In 1718 it began the horrible practice of slavery as a colony of France, then later under the Spanish and later under American rule. I prayed in identification repentance for our nation’s past sins. Interestingly, this is the only major city that sells alcohol 24 hours a day. The foundation of this city was based on profiting from evil. While praying for the city, God showed me that unlike Jesus who was upset about people profiting from His Father in the temple, the devil wants people to profit off of evil through the spirit of fear and greed. Every other faith other than true faith in Christ, especially those that involve witchcraft, uses fear to keep people in bondage.
When we came to the Mississippi River, I realized the river flows from the north to the south and divides our country, east to west. I placed my hands into the water connecting the east coast to the west coast. I believe God is saying there needs to be free-flowing Holy Spirit connection between the east and the west.

Southern Cities Prayer Walk April 7-14 Baton Rouge, Houston and Dallas

Calvin fellowshipped with Bethany Church in Baton Rouge and presented them with the Louisiana Shepherd’s staff. He met some intercessors who also prayer walk, and they had a wonderful time of fellowship.
Monday, April 8, he drove to Opelousas and met an old friend, whom he had not seen in 43 years. After a short stay in Lake Charles, he headed to Houston, TX. He began to walk the city, and within 2 hours he found himself in a worship service at Father’s House- also called Houston Revival Center. He prayer walked the city 2 days and was there the same day our President was there!
Friday, April 12 he drove to the Dallas/Fort Worth area, maneuvering the 10 lane highways. He stayed with some dear friends in Fort Worth and enjoyed his time with their growing family. He prayer walked the city over the weekend, and after his flight was canceled on Sunday, he flew home Monday, April 15.
Walking in some of these large cities was daunting, but in every city, God gave me divine connections with other believers which were a huge encouragement for them as well as myself.
He had brought along an Arkansas shepherd’s staff not knowing how it would get to this state since he had no plans to prayer walk there. Since a friend who works with Kenneth Copeland Ministries, the staff was released to them to keep in their prayer cabin in Arkansas. A Texas shepherd’s staff was released to their executive offices in Fort Worth.
In Montgomery, AL and Baton Rouge, LA there were city-wide gatherings where hundreds of believers gathered to pray and worship and sought the Lord for their region.
Thank you for your personal interest and support as we continue this cross-country journey. Your love means so much. We would love to hear from you!

Southern Cities Prayer Walk: Baton Rouge and Houston

Calvin attended Bethany Church in New Orleans on Sunday, April 7. There he met the pastor and some intercessors and released the LA Shepherd’s staff. April 12 and 13 there will be a region-wide gathering called One Blood Revival, at Memorial Stadium in Baton Rouge. He found real open heaven in that city and hopes to return one day.
Monday, April 8 Calvin met with an old friend in Opelousas, LA for a time of fellowship and prayer and stayed in Lake Charles that night. Arriving in Houston on Tuesday, he came upon a ministry called Father’s House, a revival center in downtown Houston. He was well received and is invited back on Thursday, April 11 for a time of prayer, worship, and teaching.
Calvin spent 7 hours of prayer in inner-city Houston on Wednesday, April 10. It is an area of affluence, although he found an opportunity to reach out to some homeless there. President Trump spent the day in Houston on Wednesday at the Toyota Center unbeknownst to Calvin!
5 observations from his Southern City Prayer Walk to date:
God’s pleasure- I John 3:22; Jn. 8:29.
God’s favor- Luke 2:52
God’s anointing- Luke 4:18-20; Acts 10:38
God’s timing- Ecc. 3
God’s fire- Luke 3:16; Mal. 3; Heb. 12:28-29
Thank you all for following Calvin’s journey through the deep south. God is moving through his times of prayer and intercession and your support has made it possible! We would love to hear from you! Feel free to email us at theministrycenter02@gmail.com.

Southern Cities Prayer Walk: New Orleans

After only 9 hours of smooth driving, Calvin spent his first night at our friends, the Kendalls, in Asheville, NC. Their prayers over him were quickly answered at his next stop, Montgomery, AL. Monday, Calvin met with His Vessels Ministry, located in the heart of the city, and presented them with a shepherds staff and prayed with them over their ministry. Sunday night, April 7, they will sponsor is a city-wide gathering at a stadium which will be a night of unity, worship and declaring the Lordship of Jesus in the Montgomery, AL region.
Tuesday, Calvin met with his friend, Chuck, in Mobile where they had a confirming time of prayer together. Later that day he drove to New Orleans where he found it difficult to pray. Sin is blatant there and the Mardi Gras spirit is alive and well. Calvin met and prayer walked with David Suh, a friend from Philadelphia, and they were both encouraged as they saw answers to prayer. It rained 2 out of the 3 days but Calvin had divine connections there and even connected with a man from PA. The city has some flooding from all the rain which is even worse than the flooding he saw in Mississippi. The first full day of walking in New Orleans was the only dry day, and his time in prayer was anointed and productive. His hotel room number, #133 really spoke to him of the unity God desires (Ps. 133).
Friday, April 5, he arrived in Baton Rouge, LA. His Room in Baton Rouge, #333 spoke to him of Jeremiah. 33:3
Calvin met a fellow believer that he connected with the first hour he was in the city. He will attend this brother’s church on Sunday morning, April 7. As he walked the streets of the city he came upon a ministry- Shekinah Glory Ministries, and he blessed the owner as she opened up the ministry for the day.
He also passed a Christian radio station in the city and the man invited him in and did an on the spot interview that will air at a future date!
Stay tuned as Calvin continues his walk into Lafayette, LA and then on into Texas. Your prayers and support mean so much!

Southern City Prayer: Jackson, MS

Jackson, MS, known as the “City of Soul”, is also the capital of the State of Mississippi. This was my first time in the state but for Calvin, it was a homecoming. 42 years ago, he gave 6 months of his life serving in Brethren Volunteer Service, helping to build low-income houses in a depressed part of Indianola, which lies 2 hours north of Jackson. As the prayer walked through many deserted streets of the city, it reminded him of his time in MS many years before. There is a definite Christian presence there with no shortage of churches in the city and the surrounding suburbs. Calvin was blessed to meet and pray with several people on the streets and at their homes. The is a definite sense of poverty and oppression in the city but the Lord encouraged Calvin through James 2:1-7, 15-17; Ex. 34:6-7; and I Thess. 5:1-9.
We were given the name of a church in Brandon, MS just east of the city. We had a wonderful time of fellowship with the believers there on Sunday morning and released the Mississippi shepherd’s staff to Pastor David Hertel, senior pastor of Hope Fellowship Church. The church networks with other Apostolic and prophetic churches across the country and received the staff wholeheartedly.
Our next stop holds a special place in Calvin’s heart… Indianola, MS!

We are in Jackson, MS- city of soul!

City Hall that was used for a hospital during the Civil War

Jackson City Hall

Calvin standing in front of the State Capitol Building

Graffiti art on a wall in the depressed section of Jackson- let’s agree together with this proclamation!

Mississippi Freedom Trail marker

The 10 Commandments displayed along State Street

One of the more than 25 churches in and around the city of Jackson

Hope Fellowship Church – we attended this church on Sunday morning

Presenting the Mississippi Shepherds staff to Hope Fellowship Church and Pastor David

We were blessed and refreshed as we worshipped with our brothers and sisters in Brandon, MS

Southern City Prayer Walk: Mobile, AL

We arrived in Mobile, the wettest city in America (they average 66” of rain a year!), mid-afternoon on March 6. We were so blessed to have Chuck, a friend of Calvin’s, reserve our hotel for 2 days as well as take us out to eat at a wonderful seafood restaurant on the bay, where we watched the sun set over the bay. We had a wonderful time of fellowship with Chuck, his friend Doug, and Pastors John and Bonnie sharing about our Southern Cities Prayer Walk and about a possible opportunity of connecting with some believers in Montgomery.
Mobile is the site of the last slave ship, the Clotilda, to have “delivered” slaves to the United States from Africa in 1860. The ship eventually sank in Mobile Bay and the search for the wreck continues to this day. Mobile is also home of the first Mardi Gras, which is celebrated on “Fat Tuesday” every year and would you believe that we missed it by a day! Mardi Gras began in the Catholic Church but is now a non-religious celebration heralded around the world. Calvin and Chuck walked the streets of downtown Mobile and Calvin said remnants of the big celebration where evident everywhere. They stopped and prayed at several downtown parks, in front of the FBI building and along many of the busy streets. Some of the scriptures they prayed are I Cor. 15:10, Mt. 9:34-37, Acts 1:8, Acts 10:38, Heb. 1:1-14, 1 Jn. 3:8, Phil. 2:1-11, Mt. 4:19 and Ps. 68:1-2.
We spent part of the afternoon at Perdido Bay along the Gulf Coast, even though this stubborn cold spell hasn’t broken yet. Even though our stay in this port city was short, we felt some strategic connections were made and we are trusting God for an outpouring on this vital, growing area of the country.

Calvin and Doug praying over the Nashville staff

Calvin and Chuck praying over the Alabama staff

This poster says tells you everything you need to know about Alabama

Prayer walking downtown Mobile

Mobile skyline

a cold stroll on Perdido Key Beach- where is the warm southern weather??

he sunset over Mobile Bay

Southern City Prayer Walk: Montgomery, AL

Today dawned bright and abnormally cold for this time of year. The sun is a welcome sight after several days of rain and overcast days. Sunday was a tumultuous day of severe storms and devastating tornadoes that took over 20 lives just SE of where we were staying in Birmingham. Our hearts go out to the many people whose homes were entirely destroyed and who lost loved ones in the violent storms.
Yesterday we arrived in Montgomery, the capital of Alabama, and took some time to acclimate ourselves to this city of over 200,000 people. Calvin stood before the Capitol building where tens of thousands of demonstrators stood after walking from Selma to Montgomery in March 1965. This is also the city where a courageous young woman, Rosa Parks, refused to give up her bus seat to a white man in 1955 thus sparking the Montgomery Bus Boycott in 1956 which lasted a full year. The Freedom Rider activists also arrived in this town and were beaten and arrested in 1961. Several museums depict the important role that Montgomery played in the battle for desegregation in the 1960s.
We were excited to connect with a vibrant ministry of prayer and discipleship, His Vessel Ministries, whose headquarters is located in the center of the downtown area. They regularly prayer walk the city proclaiming God’s rule and reign over the area. Calvin felt honored to agree with the prayers of these faithful brothers and sisters in the Lord. As he walked the city, he took time to visit Dexter Baptist where MLK launched his ministry and we both visited the Freedom Riders Museum where our hearts connected with these courageous young people. Calvin felt a new understanding and appreciation for liberty and our free will. There is a definite church presence in Montgomery and Calvin felt a strong connection to the city itself and the work that God is doing here after 8 hours of prayer walking. He was able to share and pray with two men after lunch and felt God wanted to release destiny not only in their lives but in the capital region.
Please take a minute and pray for the Body of Christ in Alabama… it is alive and well and God’s Kingdom is being built! Next stop — Mobile, proclaimed the wettest city in the nation! May the Lord pour out His Spirit without measure here…

Montgomery State Capitol Building

Downtown Montgomery

The Freedom Riders opened the eyes of our nation to the real picture of segregation in the Deep South

Spring has arrived in Alabama although we are in the midst of a “cold” spell here- 25-30 degrees below normal